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Why you need a front-end developer

Good article on the need for dedicated front-end developers:

Sites from 10 years ago

Ten years ago, I developed these two sites for Minervation. The Centre for Statistics in Medicine: UK Prostate Link: They are both still running. I wonder how many sites hit the ten year mark without looking too dated…

National Elf Service

The National Elf Service is an information product from Minervation which aims to make evidence based information on a number of topics easy to find and understand. My involvement in this project stopped in mid 2012 but I did have some early involvement in the technical design in the various blogs and the network as […]

The size of a point

Fonts, a photo by rmassart on Flickr. Finally, after 15 years in web development (6 months after leaving the field), I have documentary proof of the size of a pt. Of course that won’t help me in figuring out the size on an iPad, iPhone and 32″ TV, but nonetheless, nice to know. Thanks to […]

In praise of the quick hack

Copy and paste, quick hacks and big balls of mud. These are rightly frowned upon in the software industry, but they happen elsewhere too. Often the programmer gets the blame for being lazy. Programmers will invariably blame poor management. But the real culprit is usually more simple: the budget.

Poor quality of local country sites

Good article from Nielsen about the quality of local international sites: In my opinion the worst offenders are those who redirect you to the local website based on your IP address.

Accessible hover image links

Hover images, that is images that change when the pointer moves over them, have always been an integral part of web development. They alert the user to the fact that the image is “active”. Usually this indicates it can be clicked. Implementing a hover image is relatively straightforward. But doing so in an accessible manner […]

Using Google to install Ubuntu on a separate hard disk without touching Windows 7

As we develop more and more WordPress sites at Minervation, Linux is becoming an operating system I can no longer ignore. Sure WordPress runs just fine on Windows however most of the information written about WordPress pertains to Linux and Apache. It also makes little sense to pay licence fees in order to use Open […]

Site Speed

A couple of years ago Google introduced Site Speed to it’s search algorithm.  This is a measure of how long it takes a page to load. You can track this measure for your site in Google Analytics as well in Google Webmaster tools. Recently I’ve been investigating this measure for some of our sites and […]

Future Friendly Manifesto

A little while back a number of well known web developers, designers and authors launched the website. The gist of the site is to propose an approach to developing web sites and web application in a future friendly way. That is in a way which enables the content of the application to still be […]