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Healthyliving award

The healthyliving award rewards caterers in Scotland for dishing up healthier food and helping their customers make better food choices. Minervation redesigned this website and developed a members area to enable award holders to get online access to information specific to their award. Whilst most new Minervation sites are being developed in WordPress, this one […]


This was a straigtforward WordPress website for NSUHR: An international Network to Support Understanding of Health Research. As with many of our recent, smaller, WordPress my input was limited to technical assistance during setup and launch. Launch date: January 2012 Links NSUHR

Maggie’s CancerLinks

 Maggie’s has taken over the management of this valueable resource. The site has come a long from it’s initial launch as the Oxford Cancer Information website. It continues to provide high quality and up-to-date links on Cancer information both locally and nationally. Launch date: December 2011 Links Maggie’s CancerLinks

IDEAL Collaboration

A straightforward WordPress website aiming to “improve research quality in surgery, radiotherapy, physiotherapy and other areas of complex intervention”.  To be honest I didn’t have much involvement in this one, other than configuring the webserver to host the site. Launch date: December 2011 Links The IDEAL Collaboration

Testing Treatments

This is a set of interlinked multilingual WordPress powered websites created to promote the 2nd edition of the book “Testing Treatments”, which is possibly the clearest book about Evidence Based Medicine available (or so I am told, as I am not an EBM expert). However, the fact that the first edition was translated into several […]

The National Elf Service

The National Elf Service is a network of health related WordPress blogs setup and managed by Minervation. So far there four blogs as part of the network: Mental Elf Dental Elf Diabetes Elf Learning Disabilities Elf The idea is to provide evidence updates on a number of health topics in a straightforward and usable manner. […]

Vitamin D Council

The Vitamin D Council is a US charity promoting the health benefits of Vitamin D as well as the consequences of being Vitamin D deficient. It is Minervation’s highest traffic website and required the development of a caching system to ensure it could be hosted efficiently. It also makes extensive use of the news section, […]


In June 2011 Minervation launched a new website for Oxford University Business Economics Programme (OUBEP). This is another reasonably simply brochure, making good use the image manager functionality. Later in the year a private blog for alumni of the programme was added to the site. Launch date: June 2011 Links OUBEP OUBEP Blog


Another cancer site created by Minervation, this time for the Thames Valley Cancer Network. The site is for health professionals, non-clinical staff, users and carers within the Thames Valley.  It provides find information about the Network groups with restricted access to parts of the site for members of these groups. In spring 2011 Minervation revamped […]


IDRAS stands for “Improving Dispute Resolution Advisory Service” and it’s aim is to resolve disputes between academics and students and the institutions they work for. Minervation started work on this site in 2010 and it is the first site by Minervation to use the WordPress application for the blog part of the website. The rest […]