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Sites from 10+ years ago

In a previous post from a couple of years ago, I was proud of how two sites from 2005 were still alive and kicking 10 years later. Looks like 12 years is too much to ask for… 😦

National Elf Service

The National Elf Service is an information product from Minervation which aims to make evidence based information on a number of topics easy to find and understand. My involvement in this project stopped in mid 2012 but I did have some early involvement in the technical design in the various blogs and the network as […]

PiF Homepage

PiF redesign

Minervation have now launched the redesigned Patient Information Forum website. It has been moved to WordPress and given a very nice facelift.  As I no longer work for Minervation my involvement was limited to the initial recommendations as to plugins and so on. Well done to the team at Minervation and congratulations to PiF on […]

ACTA Community Theatre

Minervation have just launched a new, WordPress based, website for the ACTA Community Theatre in Bristol. Whilst I no longer work for Minervation and didn’t finish this website, I did help in laying the ground work for it and specifically sorting out the various homepage streams. I really like this site, as it is heavily […]

Testing Treatments Interactive

The second edition of the Testing Treatments site is now online. It is an international edition with translations of the site into several different languages in progress. It includes intelligent cross-linking between the various languages.

Informed Choice about Cancer Screening

In July 2012 Minervation launched the Informed Choice about Cancer Screening for the King’s Health Partners. This website concerns the review to develop a new approach to present information on the benefits and harms of cancer screening for the public, patients and health professionals in a balanced and even-handed way, which is conducted on behalf […]

Responsive redevelopment of Oxford University Careers service website

After several months in development, Minervation have now launched the new website for the Oxford University Careers Service. The design and markup of this responsive website were created by Design By day and implemented in WordPress by Minervation (by me 🙂 ). My work involved a fair bit of programming getting lots of feeds working […]

Redesigned site for Centre for Evidence-Based Dentistry

In June 2012 Minervation launched the redesigned CEBD site. This included a complete makeover as well moving the content into WordPress.  My involvement, as with many of our more straightforward WordPress sites was minimal.  WordPress just makes it so easy to create websites with little technical know-how. Launch date: 20th June 2012 View the new […] WordPress migration

As part of the general move to WordPress at Minervation, we re-developed the Minervation site in WordPress. Almost all of this work was done without me, except for the task of integrating Mienrvation’s .Net based LIDA tool into the website. Launch date: March 2012 Links

GMC Learning disabilities website

In 2011 Minervation, was tasked to design and create the markup for the new GMC (General Medical Council) Learning disabilities website. The actual design was done by Design by Day and implemented using Minervation’s Phaedrus content managements system as a proof of concept and for usability testing. The final markup (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and content […]