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Why you need a front-end developer

Good article on the need for dedicated front-end developers:

Windows Speech Recognition. Take two.

In my previous post about link rot I lamented the fact that a post I made on a forum was no longer helpful as I only provided the link to the solution, but not the solution itself. That link no longer works. I went back and added a new forum post with the content to […]

Link rot

A few years ago I wrote a post about using Windows Speech Recoginition. One of the issues I had was that it did not play well with Firefox. After lots of googling I found the solution and posted the link to it in my post: Windows Speech Recognition Unfortunately that link no longer works as […]

My first post using the wordpress android app

This post is written using the wordpress android app. You can download it here. It has been written using android speech to text function. This works very well as long as you have a wifi connection. So it helps I am waiting for my daughter at the OMV petrol station which has free wifi! And […]

Yet more windows short cuts

Another list of useful shortcuts. I should try to combine these into one cheat sheet one day, but I am still learning them as I go along. Tabbing between windows First and foremost, we all know Alt-Tab (or the fancier Win-Tab) cycles through the open windows on your taskbar. This is fine if you can […]

Windows speech recognition for power users

Further insights into the efficient use of windows speech recognition.

Windows Speech Recognition

In my previous post I provided a list of more advanced keyboard shortcuts to minimise use of the mouse. The next step then, for the really determined, is to minimise use of the keyboard. Windows Vista shipped with reasonable voice recognition software. Windows 7 dramatically improved this software to the point where it is as […]

Windows computing without a mouse

Update: I have now published a follow article on using windows speech recognition The introduction of the GUI and the mouse into computing in early 80s revolutionised the computing experience at the time. Yet, the mouse is generally a teribly inefficient way of getting around a computer once you know how to do so without […]