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Pravets 8M

There was a time when they built computers in Bulgaria and had them in the class rooms in Boliartsi. Wikipedia tells me this one is roughly equivalent to an Apple II+.

Windows Speech Recognition. Take two.

In my previous post about link rot I lamented the fact that a post I made on a forum was no longer helpful as I only provided the link to the solution, but not the solution itself. That link no longer works. I went back and added a new forum post with the content to […]

Link rot

A few years ago I wrote a post about using Windows Speech Recoginition. One of the issues I had was that it did not play well with Firefox. After lots of googling I found the solution and posted the link to it in my post: Windows Speech Recognition Unfortunately that link no longer works as […]

Ask Patents on Stackexchange

Let’s help kill software patents

I came across this post by Joel Spolsky about a new Stackexchange site called Ask Patents for finding prior art of patent applications. This is an excellent idea. If we all analysed one patent a day, most patents applications would be thrown out. Why? Because there is almost always prior art, it’s just the patent […]

Epson Scan Window Won’t Open

I had this problem where the Epson Scanner software only opened briefly, showed in the taskbar but never actually displayed the Window. Here’s the solution: Registry edit required – so beware!