As ought to be apparent from the domain name, my name is Robin Massart.

I was born on the 10th March 1975 in the Darmstadt, Germany. It’s not the most exciting of places, but is renowned for being a centre for “Arts Nouveaux” or “Jugendstil” as it is called in German and lived in the nearby village of Seeheim on and off until the age of about 23.

My education

I attended primary school in Seeheim for five years. Then I spent the rest of my school years attending Bootham School in York, England. Next I studied for a “Masters in Aeronautics and Astronautics with European Studies” at the University of Southampton. Just remembering the title got you a pass! After that I took a year “out” and went travelling.

My work

My degree led me to work for VEGA GmbH in Darmstadt as a Software Engineer in 1998. My main project there was developing an Astronaut Training Database for the European Astronaut Centre. Whilst not public, this was a web based project. Apparently they have “internet access” up on the International Space Station. I’m curious as to who their provider is!

So I started getting into web development about the time the Web Standards Project (WaSP) was formed. Needless to say tables, Netscape layers and IE document.all javascript code were a part of my daily tag soup diet. As was support for IE4 and Netscape 4. Still I am proud of what we were doing then as it included integrating various sorts of media into web based training sessions.

After VEGA I moved to London to work for a banking software company called Dealogic. This gave me experience with serious n-tier software development including database development and optimisation.

My real introduction to standards based web design didn’t start until 2004 though. This is when I started working for Minervation, mainly creating charity and medical websites with high quality assessed information. This was also when Web Standards really hit the main stream thanks to lots of good work by WaSP. A lot of this “just made sense” to me and I really embraced this for all websites created since then. Thankfully my employers also fully embraced Web Standards and didn’t need any convincing. It was really an extension of the work they were doing in writing the content for the sites.

After almost nine years, and after producing well over 50 websites with them, I left Minervation and started work for DIGIT at the European Commission in Luxembourg.

After around seven years of managing a number of hosting services at DIGIT I changed jobs within the European Commission and moved to DG CONNECT. Here my first role as as a Programme Assistant, managing funding for research projects focusing on language technologies, such machine translation, speech recognition, text analysis as well as eTranslation.  I then moved to my current role as a Policy Assistant working on Digital Inclusion, the European Web Accessibility Directive (WAD) and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

About this site

The site runs off WordPress and is hosted at WordPress.com.

It uses the Origin theme. I like this theme because it keeps things clean and simple.

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