Monthly Archives: March 2013

Italy 2000

Arriving in Rome, I met up with my friends Matt and Darrel in our hotel on via Nazionale, just round the corner from the train station on saturday afternoon. I mention this only because they had been “charged” 40000L (=£15) for the 300m cab ride! They had then paid 13000L each for a coke and […]

California 1999

I returned to San Francisco barely two years after visiting the place as a backpacker, but this time as tourist with loads of money (relatively). I met with various friends who had come from Hong Kong and England, myself having flown in from Germany. And it was kind of creepy, because not much had changed […]

Paris 2001

Paris for free and in a day. Spending easter in Brussels I decided to go to Paris for a day, a city I had never seen before. So I bought myself a one day return ticket to Paris on the TGV, boarded it at 9.30 am in Brussels and was in Paris before 11am, arriving […]

The size of a point

Fonts, a photo by rmassart on Flickr. Finally, after 15 years in web development (6 months after leaving the field), I have documentary proof of the size of a pt. Of course that won’t help me in figuring out the size on an iPad, iPhone and 32″ TV, but nonetheless, nice to know. Thanks to […]