Monthly Archives: February 2012

Using Google to install Ubuntu on a separate hard disk without touching Windows 7

As we develop more and more WordPress sites at Minervation, Linux is becoming an operating system I can no longer ignore. Sure WordPress runs just fine on Windows however most of the information written about WordPress pertains to Linux and Apache. It also makes little sense to pay licence fees in order to use Open […]


This was a straigtforward WordPress website for NSUHR: An international Network to Support Understanding of Health Research. As with many of our recent, smaller, WordPress my input was limited to technical assistance during setup and launch. Launch date: January 2012 Links NSUHR

Site Speed

A couple of years ago Google introduced Site Speed to it’s search algorithm.  This is a measure of how long it takes a page to load. You can track this measure for your site in Google Analytics as well in Google Webmaster tools. Recently I’ve been investigating this measure for some of our sites and […]