Monthly Archives: December 2011

Maggie’s CancerLinks

 Maggie’s has taken over the management of this valueable resource. The site has come a long from it’s initial launch as the Oxford Cancer Information website. It continues to provide high quality and up-to-date links on Cancer information both locally and nationally. Launch date: December 2011 Links Maggie’s CancerLinks

Future Friendly Manifesto

A little while back a number of well known web developers, designers and authors launched the website. The gist of the site is to propose an approach to developing web sites and web application in a future friendly way. That is in a way which enables the content of the application to still be […]

IDEAL Collaboration

A straightforward WordPress website aiming to “improve research quality in surgery, radiotherapy, physiotherapy and other areas of complex intervention”.  To be honest I didn’t have much involvement in this one, other than configuring the webserver to host the site. Launch date: December 2011 Links The IDEAL Collaboration