Monthly Archives: May 2011

So you want to be a web designer

From time to time I get asked by friends: “How do I get into web design?”. There’s often a sub question to that as to “what package should I use?”. This is often the case if the person comes from a graphics design background. If you ask anyone who’s anyone in web design what package […]

Yet more windows short cuts

Another list of useful shortcuts. I should try to combine these into one cheat sheet one day, but I am still learning them as I go along. Tabbing between windows First and foremost, we all know Alt-Tab (or the fancier Win-Tab) cycles through the open windows on your taskbar. This is fine if you can […]

Understanding user needs – a helpful Venn diagram

Another Venn Diagram…. Continued failure to understand user needs is explained in one simple Venn Diagram on xkcd: