Monthly Archives: November 2010

Internet to save the future

I recently came across this article about Evidence for Informed Trading on the Attacks of September 11. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I am going to assume that the article is valid. Certainly, the idea that no one other than the perpertrators will have known about the attack is quite far-fetched in my […]

Internet Privacy – A Helpful Venn Diagram

This image has been doing the rounds recently. I think it represents all that one really needs to know about privacy on the internet. And I think it’s also really important that everyone has this image pop into their minds whenever they are wondering about their privacy and am therefore reposting it here to help […]

.net magazine awards aftermath

There is quite a debate raging between Jeffrey Zeldman and Oliver Reichenstein about the value of the .net Awards.  The specific sticking point seems to be that Jeffrey was on the panel of judges and won the award “Standards Champion 2010” whilst Happy Cog won the award “Design Agency of the Year”.  Nobody is claiming […]

HTML5 For Web Designers

If you’ve been too busy designing standards based sites the last few years to follow HTML5, this is the perfect book to get you up to speed. It’ll also get a chuckle or two out of you.

Welcome to my blog

This is my first blog post, ever! Despite having been “online” and doing professional web development since 1997, my current web presence is limited to a few sporadic comments and poorly maintained social networking content. With this blog post, all that changes. Enjoy.