Yahoo So, SmuMug bought Flickr from Verizon a few months back (news always reaches me a little later…).  Will that be the end of my Yahoo account? I only have a Yahoo account for two reasons (in that order): Flickr Yahoo Mail So far I have kept using Yahoo Mail because I needed my Yahoo […]

There was a time when they built computers in Bulgaria and had them in the class rooms in Boliartsi. Wikipedia tells me this one is roughly equivalent to an Apple II+.

Bullfight Ring in Alicante

Plaza de Toros. Alicante, Spain. February 2018.

Santa Barbara Castle, Alicante, Spain. February 2018.

In a previous post from a couple of years ago, I was proud of how two sites from 2005 were still alive and kicking 10 years later. Looks like 12 years is too much to ask for… 😦

Full moon, Walferdange, March 2017.

Kirchberg, Luxembourg. 1st January 2017

Red berries, Kirchberg, Luxembourg. 31st December 2016.

  Kirchberg, Luxembourg. December, 2106  

Pfaffenthal, Luxembourg